Teacher Trends to Watch For in 2019 - Trending In Education - Episode 127

January 15, 2019

The crew dives into a wide range of emerging macrotrends concerning teachers at the start of 2019.

We begin by taking a look at a recent Wall Street Journal report on the current 'quit rate' in the teaching profession. What could be behind the all-time high in teachers leaving the field seen in 2018? Could the gig-economy and financial pressures be leading some teachers to leave their profession?

We also take a look at upcoming strikes in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Virginia and examine how these types of work stoppages can influence learning and provide opportunities to explore civic engagement among students and teachers alike. 


An Insider’s Take on Parenting Education - Trending In Education - Episode 126

January 8, 2019

We're back with a brand new episode and this week we talk about parenting. More specifically, we discuss proud new papa Mike's first few days on the job and how we learn to be parents. Are there enough formal education opportunities for expecting parents? Do certain societal norms keep us from studying up before we're responsible for another person? How can a parent who wants to learn seek out verified, high-end instruction and avoid the fads? We discuss that and each of our own experiences throughout this episode!


Best of 2018 Super Guest Highlights Edition - Trending In Education - Episode 125

January 1, 2019

On our first show of 2019, we look back to some of the great guests we had throughout 2018 with this highlight show. Mike and Dan kick off the conversation with a big announcement from Mike and a discussion around the guests you'll hear from through this episode. We'll hear highlights from our conversations with Wendy Zukerman, Rohit Barghava, Tarlin Ray, Melissa Griffith, Debbie Berebichez, and Katie Nielson.

Thank you to everyone who listened in 2018. We look forward to growing in 2019, hearing more voices, and engaging with an even broader audience.


Year in Review 2018 and Look ahead to 2019 - Trending In Education - Episode 124

December 25, 2018

Mike, Dan, and Brandon kick off our review by discussing our favorite episodes and topics covered throughout the year. We touch on some of the great guests we’ve had on the show and some of the predictions we made that came true (e.g., Kidsolving).

We then catch up with friend of the show, Matt Cooper, CEO of Skillshare. We explore what trends might have emerged since last we spoke. Matt talks about the gig economy, his vision for digital learning, and more.

Next, we bring back one of the great teachers we spoke to back in May as part of National Teachers Week. UNC Charlotte Philosophy Professor Mark Sanders discusses civic engagement around the 2018 elections and what he sees as challenges in keeping individuals active in government. Mark also touches on some trends he’s seeing in higher education and what's in store for 2019.

And we round out this episode talking with Samantha Jeklinksi, our 2018 March Madness listener bracket winner! Samantha showed us she has some trendspotting mojo by picking 15/16 correct in our yearly March Madness extravaganza. Listen in to hear what's on Samantha’s radar in 2019.

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and look forward to great things to come in 2019. Here’s to continuing to get our learn on and having some fun while we do it!


Neuroscience, Whole Child and Teacher Development with Dr. Bror Saxberg & Glenn Whitman - Trending in Education - Extra

December 20, 2018

Mike and Dan welcome two great guests, Bror Saxberg and Glenn Whitman, to discuss the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, neuroscience and learning, and how a holistic approach to education applies to teaching and teacher development. Phew!

Bror, Vice President, Learning Science at CZI, discusses the mission of the organization and how it recently invested in CTTL. Glenn describes the work that's been done on a local level at the St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Maryland and how that work is being scaled across the US and globally through CZI.

Can training teachers on how the brain works make them more effective in the classroom? We talk often about teaching the whole student, but can we miss out on reaching the whole teacher? CTTL has done some great work in the field and have partnered with CZI to build NeuroTeach, which is set to launch broadly in January. Tune in for a wide-ranging discussion on neuroscience, learning engineering, growth mindset, microlearninf, and much more. We may even debunk a few neuromyths before we’re done.



Is Learning Math Still Relevant? - Trending In Education - Episode 123

December 18, 2018

On this week’s episode, Mike, Brandon and Dan tackle the importance of math! How does learning math benefit a student? Has science isolated the parts of the brain most used when learning and applying math? Math, in all its forms, has long caused anxiety and fear amongst students and life-long learners. Why does math cause so many issues for some learners and how can they learn to adopt a growth mindset when it comes to math rather than a self-defeating one?

Tune in for a wide ranging discussion on math and learning! Join in the conversation by leaving a comment wherever you listen to podcasts or on Twitter by following us @TrendingInEd.


The Healthcare Landscape and Nursing Education with Dr. Susan Sanders - Trending in Education - Episode 122

December 11, 2018

Mike and Dan sit down with Dr. Susan Sanders, Vice President of Nursing at Kaplan Test Prep, to discuss health and nursing education and what’s new and emerging in the space. Susan brings a wealth of experience in the nursing field and recent work with the healthcare simulations like Kaplan iHuman product to the discussion. How do nurse educators tackle topics like the importance of self-care and burnout / compassion fatigue? Can students get as much out of simulations as they can real life interactions? Where can this sort of technology bring us in the future? Join us as we cover these and other important questions.



Debunking the 10% Brain Myth - Trending in Education - Episode 121

December 4, 2018

You've probably heard that we only use 10% of our brain. And 64% of us believe that's true, at least according to a 2014 study. Where did this myth begin and why are people so likely to believe it? How do pop culture references and science fiction movies help to perpetuate this false statement? Join us as we debunk this myth once and for all.


Screen Time and the Socioeconomic Divide - Trending In Education - Episode 120

November 27, 2018

Mike, Brandon, and Dan discuss a recent New York Times article that points out that the digital gap between high and low socioeconomic status is not what we expected it to be. How have the leaders of Silicon Valley changed the way their children interact with screens and devices? How is the use of screen time inverting traditional expectations about use of digital products? Is screen time the learning equivalent of easy access to fast food? We explore our own personal experiences and awareness of time with screens, discuss how screens might influence empathy and social emotional learning, and look ahead to what might be next in the evolving landscape of parenting, education, and time on screens.


The Best Gifts for Kids and Life Long Learners this Holiday Season - Trending in Education Episode 119

November 20, 2018

On this week's episode, we turn our attention to the top learning gifts to give to kids and life long learners. As the holiday gift-giving season nears, we take a look back at our discussion last year on Magna-Tiles and explore some other great ideas for the young learners in your life. For lifelong learners, our trio of hosts discuss the idea of gifting a subscription to a service like Audible or Blinkist. 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon, here's to an amazing holiday season where we all explore how the gift of learning can bring joy to those you love.