Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal - Trending in Education - Extra

March 22, 2019

Mike Palmer is joined by Frank Jones and Kristen Smith to discuss the sprawling college admissions scandal known as Operation Varsity Blues.

What does this scandal say about the current state of selective higher ed admissions in the US? How is this scandal and its coverage a reflection of broader trends we’re seeing in our society? Why are Aunt Becky from Full House and Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives the “poster moms” for this scandal and how does it all tie to “bulldozer parenting” and “affluenza?”

We also take the time to discuss how the collective outrage in response to the scandal can be harnessed for more positive outcomes. What steps can we all take to help ensure individuals who deserve the opportunity get a fair shot at an undergraduate education?

Tune in for a lively discussion on a trending educational topic that will likely remain in the zeitgeist for quite some time. 

What Can We Learn About Unlearning? - Trending In Education - Episode 136

March 19, 2019

This week, we tackle the topic of "unlearning." We begin by defining what unlearning has meant across psychology, organizational change, and in the classroom and dig into the debate about whether it is truly part of the learning process. Can we truly "unlearn" something or do we build upon or reframe our understanding as new data and insights come to light? How much of a part does our own humility play in being able to learn new things? Which fields could benefit the most from the concept of "unlearning" and how might it tie to growth mindset, addiction, and related ideas?

We discuss all of this and tie back to previous shows and related themes as we talk through this deep and interesting topic.

Listen in to begin to figure out how, when, and whether to get your unlearn on!

Brave New Work and Organizational Change with Aaron Dignan - Trending in Education - Extra

March 15, 2019

Mike Palmer and Melissa Griffith sit down with Aaron Dignan to talk about his new book, Brave New WorkAaron walks us his story of writing the book before focusing in on what isn't working in current organizational environments and how anyone within any organization can help bring about the type of change that is so desperately needed. 

Aaron discusses getting to the heart of organizational, department, or team issues and working on change by focusing on the people. What's the difference between complicated and complex systems? What parallels can be drawn to world of learning and education? Why is Aldous Huxley so important to all of this?

Aaron, Melissa, and Mike have an engaging, entertaining, and illuminating discussion around all of this and more. Listen in to enjoy!

Live from SXSW EDU - Trending In Education - Episode 135

March 12, 2019

We take you to our live presentation of our podcast at SXSWEdu 2019. Mike and Brandon were joined on stage by Ashley Mannka-Suydam, Director, Learning Products at ACT to talk about the top trends at the conference. We also discussed through our brand new March Madness bracket.

After our live show, you'll hear two interviews from the Expo floor. Dan talks to a company called In My Shoes. They are looking to use video and in-person mentors to help at-risk and minority students visualize themselves as successful in the business world.

Mike then catches up with Vincent Routhier, CEO of LU Interactive, to discuss their interactive physical education technology. Can a re-imagined gymnasium help keep kids get active and reinforce classroom concepts? 

Tune in for a sense of what’s emerging at SXSW EDU.


SXSW EDU - Creating a Convergence Zone for Learning - A Conversation with Ron Reed and Greg Rosenbaum - Trending in Education - Extra

March 7, 2019

We had the great pleasure of sitting down with Ron Reed, Founder and Executive Producer,  and Greg Rosenbaum, General Manager, of the learning conference SXSW EDU. Ron and Greg share the origin story of SXSWEdu and explore the emerging trends they've seen over the first nine years of the conference. We talk community building, the power of convergence zones and the ways in which innovation in learning and education is evolving. We also touch on mindfulness, social and emotional learning, and the whole teacher movement as core parts of the emergent zeitgeist of festival.

If you made it to SXSW EDU this year, this is a wonderful capstone conversation for the experience. If you didn't make it, listening is a fantastic way to get a sense of what Greg and Ron are trying to accomplish and how it feels to be a part of it.

Learning March Madness 2019 - Selection Show - Trending in Education - Episode 134

March 5, 2019

It's time for our 2019 Learning and Education March Madness! Mike and Brandon draft eight topics each to go head to head in round one of this year's tournament. Which of our best episodes made this year's field? What didn't make the cut? Tune in to find out how we break down the field for this year's tourney!

Join in the fun with by entering your predictions here

Prediction Show 2019 - Trending in Education - Episode 133

February 26, 2019

After much ado, fanfare, and aplomb, it's finally time for our hosts to put forth their own predictions for trends in learning and education for 2019.

What important topics do we see on the horizon that will change the way students and lifelong learners acquire knowledge and skills in the year ahead? Brandon shares his thoughts on Education2020 and how politics, the presidential race, and education will all intertwine throughout this year into next. Mike hypes the rising importance of the Whole Teacher Movement as well as Mindful Learning as the key trends he's tracking this year. And Dan shares his thoughts on the new MA (M&A) in higher education, merger and acquisitions as his key trend to track this year.

All this and more on a great look forward to prognosticate what is on the horizon for the upcoming year in learning and education. Tune in to hear where we think things are heading on this week's episode!

Beyond the Content - Mindfulness and Test Prep with Logan Thompson - Trending in Education - Extra

February 21, 2019

In this week's extra, Mike catches up with new author Logan Thompson on his book Beyond the Content: Unlocking the Other Half of Test Prep with a Tailored Mindfulness Approach. 

Logan talks about his own path to becoming more mindful and self-aware and how good mindfulness practices have helped to shape who he is as a teacher and a person. Logan discusses how performing on a standardized test doesn't just involve understanding the content and the strategies, it also involves managing one's cognitive and emotional states. Throughout the conversation, Mike and Logan explore the analogy of consciousness as both a Driver and Passengers. Logan provides techniques to manage the presence of the interruptive, distracting, or self-limiting thoughts, aka Passengers, without giving them too much power or attention, while empowering the Driver to get to where she wants to go.

We also discuss how Logan's focus on mindfulness and being present connects to social and emotional learning, cognitive and emotional empathy, and the Whole Child and Whole Teacher movements.

Listen in and enjoy!


Learning and Education Trends to Watch in 2019 - Trending in Education - Episode 132

February 19, 2019

We dive into learning and education trends to watch in 2019. Using two Forbes.com articles as our jumping off point, we talk trends in STEM, K-12, and higher education.

How will teacher shortages influence the learning and education landscape? Does STEM help lead the way on the whole child learning experience? Can national and local legislation help change the higher education space in the US? Are income-share agreements a viable solution to ballooning student-debt?

We discuss all of these topics and more. Listen in and enjoy!

Full Frontal Nerdity - Lessons on Loving and Living With Your Brain - Trending In Education - Valentine’s Day Extra

February 13, 2019

Just in time for Valentines Day, we're joined by KS Wiswell, author of Full Frontal Nerdity - Lessons on Loving and Living With Your Brain. In addition to being an author, KS is also a screenwriter, an improv performer, and also a Kaplan instructor. We dive into the thought process behind her launching a blog and how that grew into publishing her first book. How did a background in improv help her connect topics that few others see as common? What is it like to share personal stories about love and life for everyone to see? How is improv like teaching and how can we use surprise, narrative, and relevance to make instruction more entertaining and compelling.

KS walks us through all this and much more with plenty of laughs along the way.