The Rise of Voice Assistants and Smart Audio - Trending in Education - Episode 102

July 24, 2018

Mike, Brandon, and Dan discuss the growth of the voice assistant in every day life. How do we interact with Alexa, Siri, and other voice assistants? What amount of privacy are we willing to give up for the ease of use with voice? What are the applications of this emerging technology in learning and education? We dive into all that and discuss the Uncanny Valley, the Turing Test, and much, much more on this week's episode.




Building A Learning Culture - Trending In Education - Extra

July 20, 2018

In a special live presentation of the podcast, Brandon, Mike, and Dan explore how companies, managers, and employees alike can help grow a learning culture by fostering inclusion, interaction, and great communication amongst all employees. What's one of the biggest skill gaps that companies see emerging within their workforces? How might a culture of learning address this and other emerging challenges in modern work life? Tune in to find out!


Westworld and Learning - Trending In Education - Episode 101

July 17, 2018

Mike, Brandon, and Dan take a trip to Westworld to discuss the popular HBO show. Is the show must-watch television for developers and coders? How can educators incorporate programming like Westworld into their curricula? What can we learn from the series about artificial intelligence and machine learning? How does the Delos Corporation's focus on data relate to themes from contemporary life in 2018? Our three hosts kick off the discussion with these questions and explore themes we will dig into further in an upcoming pop culture analysis spinoff called The Cradle (CR4-DL).


Our 100th Episode Celebration- Trending In Education - Episode 100

July 10, 2018

Mike, Dan, and Brandon celebrate the 100th episode of Trending In Education. We take a little time to reflect on and celebrate the ride thus far. From Bror Saxberg to Tarlin Ray to Early Childhood Education to Torobo-Kun, we've covered a wide range of topics, articles, and ideas across our first 100 shows. This week we thank our guests and listeners and provide updates on some of our favorite topics as we explore what's on the horizon for the next 100 episodes. 

Thanks again for listening and here's to building on and expanding the conversation!


Blockbuster MooCs and the future of Massive Online Open Courses - Trending In Education - Episode 99

July 3, 2018

This week, Brandon, Mike, and Dan revisit Massive Open Online Courses, or MooCs. Are Blockbuster MooCs the way forward for online courses? How important is having well-known teachers lead these courses? How have universities leveraged their best teachers for long-lasting content? What kinds of roles are emerging for people passionate about teaching? And what sorts of courses are attracting the most learners and why? 

Have a listen to learn more.


The Skills Gap and the Future of Corporate Education with Dr. Andy Temte - Trending In Education - Extra

June 29, 2018

Mike sits down with Andy Temte, the President of Kaplan Professional, to explore the future of corporate education, the emerging Skills Gap, and the blend of behavioral and technical competencies essential to leaders in the 21st century. Andy provides guidance and insights drawn from a long and successful career in education and management to help lifelong learners and aspiring leaders prepare to navigate the changing dynamics of the workplace of the future. 


Gaming Disorder recognized by WHO - Trending In Education - Episode 98

June 26, 2018

On this week's episode, Mike, Brandon, and Dan dive into the recent release from the World Health Organization recognizing Gaming Disorder. Following up on our recent episode on eSports, we look deeper into the disorder and potential now for treatment. We also discuss the educational ramifications of this announcement. How might schools and institutions learn from game design while still ensuring the health and growth of their students? That and much more on this week's show.


World Cup 2018 - Mystic Animal versus AI Predictions and the Beautiful Game - Trending in Education - Episode 97

June 19, 2018

Brandon, Dan, and Mike jump onto the pitch with this look at the 2018 World Cup. We talk predictions from mystical animals as well as artifical intillegence. Does Mystic Marcus the Pig have the final four teams locked up or do AI's 100,000 simulations prove Spain and Germany will be the last teams standing? We touch on Random Forest simulations and Poisson distributions as we explore the various ways in which humans make predictions. Ane we wrap it all up with a quick dive into a great set of resources from TheirWorld.Org which breaks down the teams and their respective countries based on relevant educational statistics. All that and more on the latest Trending In Education.


Sleep and Learning with Dr. Kimberly Fenn, from the Sleep and Learning Lab at Michigan State - Trending In Education - Extra

June 15, 2018

Following up on recent episode on Sleep and Learning, Mike and Dan talk to Dr. Kimberly Fenn, Associate Professor and Lead Researcher for The Sleep and Learning Lab, Michigan State University. Dr. Fenn provides more insight and detail regarding chronotypes, circadian nadirs, napping, and insomnia. We explore her research into the important role sleep plays in memory consolidation as we track the growing awakening (see what we did there) to the importance of sleep to health and cognitive performance. In all, it was an especially impressive team performance considering it was recorded during the siesta hour. Enjoy!


To Sleep, Perchance to Learn - Sleep, Memory, and Learning - Trending in Education - Episode 96

June 12, 2018

Mike, Dan, and Brandon take a look at how sleep influences our learning. The myth of learning while you sleep (hypnopaedia) may have been debunked long ago, but sleep greatly influences being ready to learn. According to recent studies, sleep is also a time your brain works to consolidate long term memories. Our trio digs into that and much, much more.