The Art of the Spoil - The Psychology of Cliffhangers, Infinity War, and more - Trending In Education - Episode 93

May 22, 2018

This week we explore the Laurel v Yanni phenomenon before diving into the psychology of spoiling and how it relates to the Zeigarnik effect, a pyschological phenomenon describing a tendency to remember interrupted or incomplete tasks more easily than tasks that have been completed.

We talk about the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster The Avengers: Infinity War. Mike and Brandon gradually expose some spoilage potential for the movie for Dan. The first part of the show is spoiler-free. By the end of the show, however, let the listener beware.

Caveat audiens, lest ye be spoilt!


Debunking the Learning Style Myth - Trending In Education - Episode 92

May 15, 2018

Have you ever had a student say "I can't learn by reading?" Have you ever opined "This would be a lot easier if I could listen to it?" Do you consider yourself a kinesthetic or visual learner? This week on the show we explore the myths of learning styles, teaching styles, VARKO the AARPVARK, and much much more.


Teacher Appreciation Week - National Teacher Day Extra - Kaplan Teacher of the Year, Craig Harman - Trending in Education

May 11, 2018

We close out our celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day (on Tuesday) by interviewing Kaplan's Teacher of the Year, Craig Harman. Mike and Dan talk with Craig about his path to teaching, engaging with students in an online classroom, the diversity of an online classroom, and more.


Teacher Appreciation Week - National Teacher Day Extra - Philosophy and Civic Engagement w Dr Mark Sanders - Trending in Education

May 10, 2018

We continue our celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day by talking to a friend of the podcast. Mark Sanders is a professor of philosophy at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. Mike and Dan sit down to chat with Mark about a wide range of topics in higher education and the larger learning field. Mark discusses some of the challenges of teaching philosophy, digital and anaolog citzenship, the generation/class of students, difficulties with reaching certain students, and the future of higher ed.


Teacher Appreciation Week - National Teacher Day Extra - Early Childhood Education w Allison McDonald - Trending in Education

May 9, 2018

We continue our Teacher Appreciation Week celebration by talking to Allison McDonald, an early childhood educator. We dive into the early education space, her focus on thematic lesson planning, and how to handle screen time with the pre-k population.


National Teacher Day 2018 - Teaching Trends with EdChat founder Steven Anderson - Trending In Education - Episode 91

May 8, 2018

Happy National Teacher Day and Teachers Appreciation Week. Today’s episode kicks off our week of interviews and spotlights on teachers from all across the learning spectrum. At the top, Mike, Dan, and Brandon discuss teachers who were influential on their lives and then our co-hosts talk with Steven Anderson, education technologist, lecturer, and innovator. They discuss a variety of topics with Steven, including the creation of the hashtag EdChat, growth of innovation in the classroom, student activism and so much more.


The Crisis of Trust - A discussion with Lev Kaye of - Trending In Education Extra

May 3, 2018

Mike sits down to chat with Lev Kaye, Founder and CEO of They talk through a variety of topics including the crisis of trust, ACT's SEL venture, unbundling learning opportunities, and much, much more.


ASU/GSV and the EdTech Venture Scene - Trending In Education - Episode 90

May 1, 2018

This week, we focus on what's trending in the EdTech Venture space. Brandon recaps his trip to ASU-GSV, a conference that focuses on "elevating dialogue and driving action around raising learning and career outcomes through scaled innovation." The crew explores the current state of disruption in higher education and K12 and grapples with how to understand how Workforce Readiness fits into EdTech innovation and investment.


Starbucks, Unconcious Bias Training, and Workplace Learning - Trending In Education - Episode 89

April 24, 2018

Dan, Brandon, and Mike take a look at Starbuck's plans to shut down over 8,000 stores and train over 175,000 employees on unconcious-bias training on May 29th. They discuss the arrests that led to a social media outcry as well as how Starbucks is going about putting this training together. Has Starbucks planned on how to assess whether or not this training works? Will this focus be part of their new employee training moving forward? Is this anything more than a PR move by the coffee chain? Listen in to join the conversation!


Facebook, Data Privacy, and the Tip of the Zuckerberg - Trending In Education - Episode 88

April 17, 2018

This week, Mike, Dan, and Brandon dive into the Congressional hearings held on the recent Facebook data privacy issues stemming from the 2016 Presidential Election, Cambridge Analytica, and more. They discuss Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, appearing before committees from both the House and Senate, as well as their own usage of the platform. What sort of influence can Facebook usage and data have on education and edtech platforms like Quizlet? Tune in to find out.