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Non-Obvious Trends for 2019 with Rohit Bhargava - Trending in Education - Extra

March 29, 2019

Mike sits down with Rohit Bhargava, author and Founder of the Non-Obvious Company, to discuss the 2019 edition of the Non-Obvious guide. Rohit, as a friend and influencer of our show, always provides surprising and insightful takes on where the world is heading and this year is no exception.

Mike and Rohit engage in a free-flowing conversation that covers Non-Obvious 2019 trends like Strategic Spectacle, Muddled Masculinity, and Deliberate Downgrading and attempt to assess the relevance of many of these trends to the world of learning and education. In addition, they explore how the learnability and teachability of being non-obvious. How much of it is a mindset and how much of it can be developed by adopting a more omnivorous approach to consuming inputs, collecting insights, and curating trends?

Listen in to find out!