SXSWEdu 2018 - South by Southwest Edu - Trending in Education - Episode 84

March 20, 2018

We dive into this year's gathering at SXSWEdu in Austin, Texas. Brandon, Mike and Dan break down two of the keynotes and some high level takeaways. The first topic is Michael Sorrell's keynote, discussing Paul Quinn College's focus on real-world problems in the classroom and experiential education on urban campuses. Next, they discuss Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' panel discussion focused on innovation in education and learning. Finally, we hear from Mari Kent and Walker Williams on their time in Austin, their favorite sessions, and how likely they are to attend again.


Learning March Madness 2018 - Trending In Education - Episode 83

March 13, 2018

Let the madness begin. Brandon, Mike, and Dan discuss 21 topics from the past year of Trending In Education. Brandon and Mike then draft their own eight topic teams to go up against one another in our Sweet Sixteen March Madness bracket. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned for our final four episode later this March.


International Women’s Day 2018 - A Trending in Education Extra

March 7, 2018

On this extra edition of Trending In Education, we celebrate International Women's Day. We welcome four inspiring women to discuss their education, careers, and experiences. We're joined by Deborah Berebichez, Chief Data Scientist at Metis, Nancy Lee Sanchez, Executive Director for the Kaplan Educational Foundation, Esther Lee, Director of Program Development for Kaplan Test Prep's Digital Media team, and Rochelle Rothstein, Executive Vice President, Innovation & Product Strategy at Kaplan Test Prep to talk about women, education, mentorship, access, and more.

00:55 - Deborah Berebichez with Mike Palmer & Brandon Jones

17:56 - Rochelle Rothstein with Dan Strafford

32:18 - Nancy Lee Sanchez & Esther Lee with Mike Palmer


Learning and Communicating with Emojis - Trending In Education - Episode 82

March 6, 2018

The crew takes a look at the evolution of emojis in recent history and tracks the broader trend right up into the recent announcement of the upcoming release of 157 new emojis. Are emojis a new and emerging visual language, or are they a frothy distraction from serious learning? How can emojis be leveraged in the classroom to connect with students to foster better communication without devolving into something superficial? Esther joins the discussion to add her point of view on using emojis for learning and how they may be able to assist in breaking down language barriers through a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) orientation.


Cybersecurity and the Deep, Dark Web with Amjed Saffarini - Trending In Education - Episode 81

February 27, 2018

This week, Brandon, Mike, and Dan are joined by Amjed Saffarini, CEO of CyberVista, to discuss the cybersecurity industry and cyberlearning. Amjed sheds some light on the deep and dark web as the group stumbles through a questionable cybertrivia quiz. We talk threat surfaces, Mr Robot, and more than one Sandra Bullock film. Oh and War Games, of course.


The Winter Olympics and Learning - Trending In Education - Episode 80

February 20, 2018

We open this week's episode with some brief thoughts on the tragic events in Parkland, Florida before turning the episode to our previously recorded topic of the Winter Olympics.

This week our trio of co-hosts turns their focus on the Winter Olympics. They take a look at the education and e-learning product used to bring production staff up to speed on the Winter Games and Pyeongchang, South Korea.

What happens to elite Olympic athletes after their time performing at the highest levels is done? Mike, Brandon, and Dan all take a guess at which sport they think they'd have a chance at competing in. Brandon shares a childhood story of using the Olympics as classroom curriculum.


Non-Obvious Trends 2018 with Rohit Bhargava - Trending In Education - Episode 79

February 13, 2018

Mike catches up with Rohit Bhargava to talk about the latest edition of the Non-Obvious Trends 2018. They discuss key trends to track this year including Manipulated Outrage, Enlightened Consumption, and Virtual Empathy. In addition, the pair explore the process Rohit and his team use to cultivate, curate, and crystalize their topics. They recommend seeking out multiple and various inputs and staying curious to spot non-obvious trends and counter-trends in everyday life.


Prediction Show 2018 - Trending In Education - Episode 78

February 6, 2018

Brandon, Mike, and Dan take a look in their respective crystal balls for what topics will be trending in learning and education this year. We offer up two predictions each on subjects we think will "get some action" in the coming year. What new portmanteau does Brandon roll out? How do you "nappuccino" and why is Mike all in? Why will Social Emotional Learning go digital according to Dan?

 :10 - Welcome

1:48 - Mike discusses time hacks

6:52 - Brandon introduces kidsolving

11:28 - Dan pitches SEL going digital

14:39 - SABRLearning and the quantified self from Mike

17:00 - Brandon talks strengthsing in 2018

22:38 - Dan rounds out the predictions with Grassroots Play


The Resurgence of Audio - Trending In Education - Episode 77

January 30, 2018

The crew takes a look at Slate's decision to focus on audio and text and related pivots away from video as more brands and media companies explore the power of podcasting and audio. They discuss the power of mixed media and omnichannel and question whether the focus on video, that's been all the rage of late (esp at Facebook), makes sense in all contexts.


The Winners and Losers of CES 2018 - Episode 76 - Trending In Education

January 23, 2018

Mike, Brandon, and Dan take a second look at CES 2018 to discuss some great review articles and the awards handed out. Mike shares one of his favorite stories that tugs at Brandon's heartstrings. The trio breaks down some more robot talk and Forbes top 18 trends from the event.