Trending in Education - Extra - Fake News and the Classroom in the Bronx with Kisha Henry

October 14, 2017

Following up on our Fake News episode, Mike Palmer and Esther Lee sit down to chat with Kisha Henry. Kisha is a teacher from the Bronx who engaged students on fake news and media literacy via a chat bot they were already using in the classroom. Listen to how Kisha integrated the new lessons and challenged her students to question what they read online. 


Trending in Education - Episode 61 - Fake News and Media Literacy

October 10, 2017

Dan, Mike, and Brandon are back and this week they tackle #fakenews. What can happen in our classrooms to help educate students, and adults, on how to process and spot fake news? What can adult learners do to better prevent the spread of fake news?


Trending in Education - Episode 60 - Smart Phones in the Classroom

October 3, 2017

Dan, Mike, and Brandon are back on the latest Trending in Education talking smart phones in the classroom. How should educators be leveraging smart phones for learning? What data can be collected for better learning experiences? What does the new Apple X have to offer that could help learners in the future? All that and more on the latest TiE.


Trending in Education - Episode 59 - Torobo-kun, Artificial Intelligence, & College Admissions

September 26, 2017

Dan, Mike, and Brandon explore the story of Torobo-kun, a robot designed to take tests to gain entry into Todai University in Japan. The squad digs into the rich narrative of a robot designed to pass a test that very nearly reached its goal, before pivoting to industrial use. Beyond Torobo's story (and related screenplay ideas), the team dives into the research of Noriko Arai and how we're using AI research to gain insight into the complex relationship between human cognition and machine learning. 


Trending in Education - Episode 58 - EdTech Influencers in the Classroom

September 19, 2017

Dan, Mike, & Brandon tackle talk about influencers in the classroom. Are there ethical boundaries being crossed? Can educators work as ed tech influencers in their classrooms without raising ethical considerations? What do state attorneys general have to say? Listen in to find out.


Trending in Education - Episode 57 - The Gartner Hype Cycle 2017

September 12, 2017

Dan, Brandon, & Mike discuss one of their favorite topics, the Gartner Hype Cycle. What's new to the curve? Can Augmented Reality climb out of the trough of disillusionment? What exactly is 4-d printing? All that and more on this week's trending in education.




Trending in Education - Episode 56 - The One Year Anniversary Special

September 5, 2017

Brandon, Mike, and Dan look back at the first year of Trending In Education. What were their favorite shows? What topics stood out? Where do they see the show going in the next year? Tune in to look back and forward with the TiE crew.


Trending in Education - The Citadel Ep 6 - The Dragon & The Wolf

September 1, 2017

Mike & Brandon break down the final GoT episode of Season 7. What comes next for those in the North awaiting the White Walkers? Can Daeneyrs & Jon move forward with their, umm, partnership in light of the final scenes of the episode? What does blue fire look like on screen? All that and more in this breakdown!


Trending in Education - Episode 55 - Podcast Movement

August 29, 2017

Brandon and Mike dig into the emerging media platform that is podcasting. Mike recaps the trends and themes he encountered at the Podcast Movement conference he attended in Anaheim. Long form, short form, highly produced, or live-to-tape, podcasting has multiple ways to pull you in. How will the medium evolve and how should we understand its implications on learning? Listen up to learn more.


The Citadel Episode 5 - Beyond the Wall

August 25, 2017

Mike breaks down Beyond the Wall, the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, with help from Robin his special guest and GoT "viewing partner." While we agree that the entertainment value of recent episodes has been high, the two explore whether we're witnessing GoT "jump the shark" as we hurtle towards the completion of the first half of season 7.